My husband keeps telling me that I have too much inventory piling up at home…so I guess it’s time to clear out my inventory!   : )

Now’s your chance to buy your favorite products at major discounts!

Hurry!  Only while supplies last!


Browse the clearance specials by clicking the page links on the right  —->
Or by clicking the links below:

Makeup                                 ◊ Head, Hands & Feet
   ◊ Eyes                                       ◊ Hair Products
   ◊ Lips                                        ◊ Manicure & Pedicure
Skincare                                  ◊ Foot Works
   ◊ Anew                                  ◊ Bargain Boutique
Fragrance                            ◊ Cosmetic & Train Cases
Jewelry                                ◊ Home & Gifts
Fashion                                    ◊ Kids


Contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to purchase anything.
Phone:     (724) 882-6457


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